• NSQ and Golang Messaging Primer

    15 Sep 2020

    In this post, we’ll look at how you can use NSQ in your golang applications to start leveraging messaging. Messaging offers the easiest way to build an async architecture, for which there are a number of benefits ranging from scalability to the reduction of cascading errors. In this post however, we will be focusing on how messaging can be used to decouple components in your software by looking at a couple of common patterns for doing so: work queues & pub/sub.

  • Agile Architecture

    21 Jul 2020

    This is my take on how the Agile Manifesto can be applied to architecture. While certainly not exhaustive, I’ve tried to include not just generalizations but also tangible ways to apply the principals of Agile to your own architectural practices.

  • Microservices in PHP with Fliglio

    10 Dec 2015

    In addition to being the domain I landed this blog on, Fliglio is the name of the PHP Framework we built and have been using at work for several years now. Recently we went through the effort of cleaning it up to make available on github.

    In this post I will attempt to show you how to use Fliglio with a Getting Started guide for RESTful microservices.

  • MySQL Replication with (Mostly) Puppet

    09 Dec 2015

    Nothing ground breaking here, but I had to struggle getting master-slave replication with Puppet going in Vagrant to test something, so I decided to put together a short tutorial in case it’s useful to others (and in case I ever need to do this again and need something to refer back to).

  • Containers, Configuration Management, and The Right Tool for the Right Job

    31 Jul 2015

    Docker brings an incredibly appealing method of managing applications to the table, but also requires us to rebuild a lot of systems that aren’t broken. In this post I’m going to look at the pros and cons of Docker and its accompanying ecosystem, and take a look at how one might start to leverage the best parts of Docker without rewriting everything.

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